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Lean on Me
July 16th, 2016 2:10 PM

“Lean on me”, when I hear these words, I think of the number 1 hit from 1972, written and sung by Bill Withers. The famous chorus goes “Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long, till I’m gonna need, somebody to lean on.” I’m sure right now you can hear that melody in your head! The song talks about relationships and how, at times, you need to lean on other people in your life. The same holds true in business. We may be experts in our field of work, but there are times when we need to refer to other experts in their field of work. The Hampton Roads REALTORS Association is a perfect example of this. They allow affiliate membership as a support system for the REALTOR members.


I am proud to be an affiliate in this organization that supports our real estate industry. Over the years many great relationships have been formed. These connections are a great resource and are always available when needed. Think of all the professionals that are necessary to conduct a real estate transaction. Experienced REALTORS typically have a large database of professionals. This database took years to build and has been purged many times. Sometimes there is a need for a professional that’s not in their database. Newer REALTORS don’t always have a source for experts. The best source is HRRA’s website ( when you are in need of a professional in the industry. You can search for an affiliate member by their specialization, company, personal name, or even city.


As an affiliate, we want to do business with REALTORS. We know the you see the importance of being a member of HRRA and choose to abide by the ethics and standards of NAR. Doing business with an ethical professional is far more rewarding than just doing business. Affiliate members give back to REALTORS through sponsoring events, meetings and classes which keep the cost down for those attending. 


The next time you are in need of an auction service, home stager, handyman, appraiser, or office space; go to, find-an-affiliate-member. We are a “Circle of Experts” that are ready to support you.

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Posted by Betsy Hughes, SRA, AI-RRS on July 16th, 2016 2:10 PMPost a Comment

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